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SFC #54: Disc Golf in Northville, Center Street Grille for dinner/drinks

Posted on Dec 29, 2016 by in Event | 0 comments

SFC 54 Disc Golf in Northville, Center Street

Date:  9/14/2016
Chairman:  Greg
Attendees:  Mark, Scott, Bob, Terry, Greg
Location:   Northville, Mi
Event:  Disc Golf in Northville, Center Street Grille for dinner/drinks


Mark Salamango
Mark Salamango

It was great to get back on the disc lynx.  The weed in the air.  (What is it with disc golf that brings out the smokers?)  My sucky shots.  Typically I play pretty well and then just have that one hole where the wheels fall off the cart.   No such luck this time. Maybe the potheads have the right idea.  Anyway, always fun to be in nature with my best buds.  At least I beat Bob. 🙂

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