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The Friends

Mark is arguably the handsomest of the SFC crew. He’s more striking than debonair. The IT/Fitness/Musician/Christ Follower has used his position in the SFC to continue to push the group forward. Always adapting to the life changes that are thrown at the guys.
Known as Switzerland to some, Terry thrives on making the most out of the time that the boys have together.  While he is another IT guy, he hasn’t done squat to help with the website.  🙂  He has the distinction of chairing both the best and worst events.
He manages the autoraps and makes sure that our trivia cup runneth over.  The true athlete in the group cheeses off the others because he is naturally good at everything.
The clown of the group.  Not sure if it is rodeo or circus, but Bob is always one to bring the hilarity to another level.  He is also the resident President and history expert.  He is never to be trusted when it comes to wagering points in trivia.
Brother, rugger and all around good guy.  You know that when the White Russians come out…you’d better be careful.  Always one for accepting a challenge whether it is squirreling from one tree to another in a ropes course to bowling over fellow mates in Knockerball, Scott is game for it all.


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