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SFC #52: Beer Brunch, Labatt’s Undomesticated Games, and Escape Room Detroit (Escaped!)

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 by in Event | 0 comments

SFC 52 Escape Room Detroit

Date:  7/23/2016
Chairman:  Scott
Attendees:  Mark, Scott, Bob, Terry, Greg
Location:   Detroit, Mi
Event:  Beer Brunch @ 8 Degrees Plato, Labatt’s Undomesticated Games @ Belle Isle, Central Kitchen + Bar, Escape Room Detroit (Escaped!)

Mark Salamango
Mark Salamango

There’s nothing better than a jam packed day of adventure with my best friends.  We know we would have destroyed the competition at the “Games” so it was best that we just observe and give the others a chance to sip from the cup of Labatt glory.  To top the night off perfectly we absorbed another member and escaped the unrelenting Escape Room Detroit.  Well done fellas.  This message will self destruct in 3…2…

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