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SFC #47: Robocop the Musical

Posted on Feb 23, 2016 by in Event | 0 comments

SFC 47: Robocop the Musical

Date:  2/20/2016
Chairman:  Scott
Attendees:  Mark, Scott, Bob, Terry, Greg
Location:   Detroit, Mi
Event:  Dinner at Tony V’s in Detroit, Robocop the Musical

Robocop the Musical

Robocop the Musical

Mark Salamango
Mark Salamango

Who would have thunk Detroit would offer a musical that rivaled Evil Dead?  From the whipping wang to the inside Detroit jokes it was entertainment at its best.  Well chosen Scottie.

The real show was walking back to the car.  Not sure why two ladies were fighting over this gentleman (term used loosely), but to each her own I guess.  “roll ’em up, roll ’em up…”  “Get in…get in..”  Ah, great quotes.  If we were really indoctrinated into the world of viral videos we would have stayed and videoed.  Of course, we chose life instead.

Besides watching my iPhone waterboarded, the event was epic.  We’re zeroing in on 50 fellas!  Been a great adventure.


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