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SFC #49: Knockerball

Posted on May 13, 2016 by in Event | 0 comments

SFC #49: Knockerball

Date:  4/26/2016
Chairman:  Greg
Attendees:  Mark, Scott, Bob, Terry, Greg, Chris DePerro, Reinhart, Malori
Location:   Farmington, Mi
Event:  Knockerball and dinner at the Basement Burger Bar

SFC #49:  Knockerball - Basement Burger Bar

SFC #49: Knockerball – Basement Burger Bar

Mark Salamango
Mark Salamango

It’s hard to believe we all are still friends after we did our best to destroy each other for one hour.  Apparently I have to up my cardio because after 4 minutes of playing king of the mountain, I was tapped.  Terry’s “turtle” strategy paid off as he took the first round.  DePerro was on a mission.  I still frequently glance behind myself to see if someone is lining up to knock me over.  The nightmare is real.


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