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SFC #45: Salvation Army Bell Ringing and Gingerbread House at Witches Hat

Posted on Dec 16, 2015 by in Event | 0 comments

SFC 45: Salvation Army Bell Ringing and Gingerbread House at Witches Hat

Date:  12/14/2015
Chairman:  Mark
Attendees:  Mark, Scott, Bob, Terry
Location:   South Lyon, Mi
Event:  Salvation Army Bell Ringing and Gingerbread House at Witches Hat

Made some sick Gingerbread Houses at Witches Hat Brewery with Torie.

Made some sick Gingerbread Houses at Witches Hat Brewery with Torie.

Mark Salamango
Mark Salamango

My message to the guys about this event was:

I really did a bit of soul searching this month.  As we warm the cockles or sub cockle region of our heart with the holidays, it’s often the case that December gets away from us.  We spend so much time stressing about work, about what gift to get someone, or about all the crap that is happening in this polluted world of ours that it is easy to miss out on the important things.
Today is all about reclaiming what is important.
SFC Christmas edition is truly about hanging out.  You know, usually Lori will ask me what is going on with you guys and honestly I frequently don’t have anything to share.  She’ll ask about jobs, and wives, and kids, and most of the time I don’t have any info because we’re doing an activity and don’t chat much.  This is all good stuff, but today, my hope is to get the chat going.  We’ll have time for that.
Today is a low stress, hang out, talk about things, air grievances and be merry (“hey that’s my name…”) kind of day.  Think flexible like when Clark invites Eddie’s kids to stay in the house for Christmas.  Sure he counted that as a win because Eddie was staying in the rent a wreck, but Clark Wilhelm Griswold Jr. adapted and made it work.  There will be moments for that tonight as well.
So don your Christmas gear, get over to my house between 5:30 and 6 and we’ll get the bonding started.
My Recap:
I have to say, the only thing that could have made the day better would have been to have Greg with us.  We arrived at Busch’s to ring the Salvation Army bell promptly as is the tradition with SFC.  After about 5 minutes we had $0 with people doing their best not to make eye contact with us.  The early numbers weren’t good.  My guess was that there would be less than 7 people donating.  Boy was I wrong.  After the silky voices and sick dance moves of the 4 lanky lads began, the donations started pouring in.
Terry’s fa la la la las were second only perhaps to Grobin himself.  Bob’s bell ringing didn’t stop for a second, and Scott’s Mele Kalikimaka solo was a crowd and SFC favorite.  Bing was definitely smiling from the grave.  The way Mariah hit those high notes was superb.  I love you guys.
Merry Christmas from the SFC boys.
Bob Marko
Bob Marko

The Christmas Edition SFC was a real treat.  The SFC “giving back” proved ever rewarding, and of great acclaim.  It was amazing to see the people of all different sorts putting in wads of dough….We had old, young, Indian, white, black, Asian…Even the bizarre relic of a fellow from the Grateful Dead era, whom I just thought might shoot me, stopped, looked, said Thank you, and put in some cash.

The brewery was homey, and I loved my coffee stout.  Although my gingerbread house looked more an aftermath of Katrina, I know my fellow brethren would always welcome me to stay in their nice gingerbread homes if needs be.  

Merry Christmas.

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